Nuestro método:


Identifying a company’s aims or expected outcomes is a fundamental part of pinpointing what we need to provide, before we initiate any project.


Having identified the client’s objectives, Orwall draws up a written plan of action to be used as a guide in monitoring the project.


With the plan in place, we get to work on the design. We start with the basics and come up with an image or global concept for evaluation and to compare with what the client has in mind.


Once we have confirmed that we are on the right track, the concept is integrated with a more palpable reality. At this stage the bulk of the work is completed, but we don’t stop there.


At the 99% stage, it is never too late to look back and see what can be improved on. Our knowledge has increased with the work in progress and we can see where there is room for improvement.


The project is finished, evaluated, improvements made. Now is the moment to launch it and confirm, through a further evaluation, that it serves the purpose for which it was intended.


Over the years we have undertaken many diverse marketing projects in many fields, hence our old name of Boom Estudio. Nowadays, having adapted to new market requirements and with our interest in the new technologies, we are focusing more on services relating to programming and web and graphic design.

As a result, and after years working as Boom Estudio, we have decided to rename our firm and call it Orwall. Because when it comes down to it, that is what we do in our studio: study the needs and characteristics of each of our clients.

The work we normally do includes:

  • Web and Graphic Design:

    The design side of Orwall’s work is mainly the responsibility of Alan Muñoz, a graduate in Industrial Design, who has an expert and thorough knowledge of all aspects of design.

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    At Orwall we are profoundly aware of the need for a good corporate image for any firm, and put a lot of effort into creating awareness of this importance within any company for which we carry out branding projects. However small the company, we may well provide a brief manual on corporate identity for the client, with details of its proper use.

    Examples of design and branding projects carried out for many companies over the years can be seen in our portfolio.

    • Web Design:

    Online presence is practically obligatory now for any company. Occasionally a simple web presence is enough, but often a company will need to do business or offer a service online.

    Orwall helps companies achieve any objective in connection with their presence or activity online. Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients have given us ample knowledge of what is needed to make a business profitable via the web and to achieve its aims.

    From the most basic structural details of a website to the online experience of the end user, we take infinite care to make sure that the platforms we create are as intuitive and simple as possible.

    At the same time, we combine the right design with the very latest in technology, browsers, devices etc. At Orwall we make absolutely sure that we are up to date in all these aspects – it is something we are passionate about and truly enjoy.


    Orwall’s programming expert is Eric Orwall. Since 2005 we have worked on a huge variety of projects of various types, both large and small.

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    By using the most appropriate programming language for each project, we optimize the final quality and delivery times. We are specialists in HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Action Script and and know how to use them to make any project a reality. Most recently we have been concentrating on apps based on HTML5, JAVA and Objective-C, which cover the needs of our clients on the IOS, Android and WP mobile platforms.


    Our sector is constantly evolving at a very fast pace, so it is a part of our job to keep abreast of developments, new tools and practices etc.


    For individuals and professionals wanting to publish or create a website or online shop. Together we can analyse all the necessary details, including corporate image, web design, marketing and social media, and come up with the necessary solutions.

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    • Marketing

    We can help you choose the most useful communications channels to advertise, build customer loyalty and acquire new clients.

    SEO positioning, web analysis and online advertisements: Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc...

    • Social media & comumnication

    Your firm will include the social media in its marketing and communications strategies for branding purposes, to position the brand and make it known, carry out information campaigns, special offers...

  • Hosting:

    Web hosting is the service which provides Internet users with a system which stores their information, images, videos, or any other content accessible via the web. At Orwall we explain how it works and offer our clients all the services they need for their online projects.

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    • Basic hosting

    We offer our clients the best web hosting, with support for server programming, data bases, company email... everything that is needed.

    • Dedicated servers

    This is essential for projects which require powerful servers. Unlike those with shared hosting, where the facilities are shared between a certain number of clients, with dedicated servers only one client has access to the resources for which the service has been contracted.