A short history:

Boom Estudio, the original name of the company, was formed in 2006 wanted to join the creative world of the new technologies.

Right from the start, and thank to their complementary aptitudes, the company has gone from strength to strength unaffected by the recent recession afflicting a large part of the country.

Variations in the number of staff members and outside partners are fruit of the company's adaptability, as it has evolved according to market requirements.

With its commitment to client satisfaction and productivity, Boom Estudio has provided many design- and marketing-related services, including graphic and web design, bespoke software systems, large format printing, web hosting and management, 3D design, interiors, etc.

More recently, Boom Estudio changed its name to Orwall. The change, partly brought about by market demand and partly because of the affinity of both partners with new technologies, means that Orwall is now more focussed on developing software, web sites and graphic design than on other more general types of marketing.

Our studio

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Orwall, from the beginning, has had its headquarters in Fuengirola, in the province of Malaga. This privileged situation, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, has allowed us to work with many businesses of different nationalites which, like us, have chosen this central point for industry in southern Spain as their base.

Given our technical expertise and our ability to communicate with ease in both English and Spanish, it has been relatively simple for us to acquire additionally a wide portfolio of clients of different nationalities both in Europe and further afield.

From our studio on the Costa del Sol we carry out all the elements and activities related with the services we offer, frequently calling on outside partners and associates when necessary.

Customers who have trusted us:

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